Smooth Jamu recovery shots inspired by Bali

A simple birthday trip to Bali for some Scuba diving and surfing and to visit family was the start to the Smooth Jamu business story.

Ragini and Khoji traveled to Bali in 2017 for Ragini’s 50th Birthday and to visit Khoji’s brother and his wife in tropical Ubud and then to dive and surf at Nusa Lembongan. Fun in an uncomplicated and precedented time.

Pre-pandemic, getting the flu on an airplane was par for the course and downright normal, and so Khoji had the sniffles by the time he was in Ubud. Jamu was suggested by our sister-in-law and duly taken, and the lurgy was gone in a day.

They were amazed at the turmeric Jamu and the healthy benefits of the drink.

The anti-inflammatory and recovery benefits of the turmeric interested them as well as a natural immune-boosting drink they could make at home for themselves. More Jamu was drunk throughout the holiday in Bali and after surfing Khoji noticed that the lactic acid soreness in the muscles was less.

Worth putting in some turmeric on the block at home on the Sunshine Coast.

Back on the Sunshine coast

They returned home and planted some turmeric on their 2-acre block in the Sunshine Coast where they were owner building their house. Living under the build in a shipping container.

Ragini, as a trained chef, started making Jamu from their organically grown turmeric and over a two-year period they drank a variety of brews of turmeric tonics to get to the right taste as it is now; Sour, earthy, and aromatic and with a pepper finish.

Smooth Jamu turmeric tonic recovery shots were created.

The talk of a healthy drinks business between the two was bantered, and the recipe was right, they concluded. The feedback from their first drinkers was that it helped reduce the inflammation…so, go for it.

In early 2020 Smooth jamu was registered and their turmeric tonic was bottled, and both were selling the new smooth jamu at the markets on the Sunshine Coast. Meanwhile, the turmeric was growing in the paddock as fast as the business. The heady freedom of pre covid travel. Overseas tourists and crowds. Happy days for a small local start-up.

And then Covid…. need we say more. Keep going. Turmeric still growing.

Luckily, Queensland was spared the effects of the pandemic restrictions and the Smooth Jamu turmeric tonic is still being supported by the local sunshine coast community at the markets and local stockists and now Australia-wide by selling online.