Turmeric recovery shots inspired by Bali

Turmeric Jamu. Inspired by Bali and developed on the Sunshine Coast.

Ragini Osinga developed her turmeric tonic after traveling to Bali to visit family. Her interest in herbal products was nothing new. A trained chef and keen traveler she was interested in the herbal and medical benefits of turmeric Jamu for her partner’s psoriasis and joint pain.

With two acres on the Sunshine Coast, turmeric was planted on our small farm and now is the main organic ingredient in our Turmeric tonic.

Our purpose is to create a healthy range of functional drinks with all-natural ingredients sourced locally. Providing an alternative range of sports and lifestyle drinks

As long-term meditators, Khoji and Ragini are passionate about well-being from the inside out by providing quality organic drinks to support your busy lifestyle.

Khoji and Ragin in terraced rice paddy.rice pa
turmeric plant
fog around finished house