Where can I buy the turmeric tonic?

Meet the makers and have a taste at the markets on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa.

Saturdays at Yandina markets and Kawana Farmers markets.

Sundays at Noosa farmers market and at Fishermans Rd markets in Maroochydore.

We also have a number of stores on the Sunshine Coast that stock our turmeric tonic to try for yourself!

Coolum: Bean Head Cafe, Natural Harvest, Good Harvest @ Coolum Industrial Estate

Yandina: Silo Wholefoods

Pacific Paradise: Grub Organics

Maroochydore: Wholelife Pharmacy

Warana: B Fresh, Sports Hub Cafe

Wurtulla: Wurtulla IGA

Golden Beach: The Real Grocer

Noosa: Pardons Fruit & Veg, Larder & Bake, Bioshop, Noosa Health Food Shop, Gibsons

Doonan: Flying West, Fruits of Noosa

Sunshine Beach: The General Store

Peregian Beach: Peregian Pantry, Skal Coffee

Gympie: Farmer & Son

Cooroy: Fruit & Veg Harvest Fresh

Maleny: Maleny Co-Op, IGA Maleny

Tewantin: Market Garden

What is Jamu and why is it smooth?

Jamu means medicinal plant in Indonesian. Jamu drinks are the go-to health food in Indonesia. Our turmeric tonic has been developed with Ayurvedic principles in brewing and straining to produce the smoothest Jamu to drink.

What are the benefits of drinking the turmeric tonic?

Our turmeric tonic is a plant based modern functional drink designed for sports and muscle recovery, aiding in reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.

What does it taste like?

You will taste 3 layers of flavour: Sour, earthy and spicy aromatic with a finish of pepper. Taste for yourself and tell your friends about our turmeric tonic.

The flavour palette changes when added to hot water; the sour subsides, and the ginger is enhanced.

How much should I drink and how often?

A minimum of 50mls per serve, per day for immune system renewal and assisting long-term inflammation reduction.

100mls or more after intense training for muscle recovery, after injury or as a daily reviver shot.

How do I drink the tonic?

Neat, as a shot or sipper.

Add a shot to hot water for a winter warmer.

Add a shot to soda water or coconut water.

In a smoothie or juice.

Whats in the turmerc tonic that makes it so good?

Our process of hot extraction ensures the curcumin, gingerol and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds in the spices and pepper are activated and infused with water, making the Smooth Jamu turmeric tonic the most bioavailable curcumin drink we can make. Based on Ayurveda principles we ensure the process of making Jamu is as traditional as possible.

How long til I see benefits from the turmeric tonic?

Anecdotal evidence from customer testimonials at our market, suggest that our tonic benefits the drinker within a month of use. Scientific studies suggest that pepper activated and bioavailable curcumin can have benefits within this timeframe.

How long does the tonic last after being opened?

Once the bottle is opened, refrigerate and consume within 21 days.